Fluids Showreel

This is my current show reel for various fluids work




This is a collection of shots that comprise some of the fluids work that I've done over the last 15 years or so. I've used Maya and Houdini for this in various roles and yes there is no audio.


Mr. Stink / Prime Focus 2012 3D Lead Maya     (1-2)
Created the sims with Maya Fluids and lit with Mental Ray in stereo for BBC's Mr. Stink

So You Want To Be A Pirate / Aardman 2012 FX TD Maya/Houdini   (3-5)
I created these smoke effects using both Maya and Houdini's fluids and DOPs. There was no particular reason why I used one package over the other other than just the way I felt on that day.

Cloverfield / Double Negative 2008 3D Sequence Supervisor Maya     (6)
For the smoke and explosion on the truck I used Dneg's in house fluids tools and then did the lighting in Maya.

Hellboy II / Double Negative 2008 FX TD Houdini   (7-10)
For these shots the pipeline was to do the rigid bodies in Houdini then drive the interactive smoke with Dneg's in house fluids tools. But I did the ambient dust with Houdini/Mantra.

Pirates - McDonald's commercial / Aardman 2012 VFX Supervisor Maya (11-12)
For the first one I did the lighting and compositing of the fluid sim while the second one I did the sim and lighting of the bow breaking water as well as the sea water.

Pirates In An Adventure With Scientists / Aardman 2011 FX Supervisor Maya\Houdini (13-15)
As FX Supervisor I supervised the pipeline of this very difficult shot in stereo. I provided a solution for integration and lighting of Realflow sims into Maya as well as some Maya particle effects. I needed to mesh and clean up the geometry in order to have Renderman properly do its refraction and various lighting layers. I also provided several pieces of procedural geometry to integrate the puppet with the water.

For any complex shot with foam effects in the film I used the RealFlow > Houdini > Maya pipeline in which I would do the cleanup, meshing, integration, and texturing in the Houdini part.

Pirates - McDonald's commercial / Aardman 2012 VFX Supervisor Maya (16)
This was just a simple sim and lighting in Maya using Mental Ray.